Weekly Filet #159: Guest Butchers FTW. Volume 2.

For Easter, it's neither chocolate nor eggs that I'm treating you to, but the usual: a filet (to be pronounced in French, hence one 'l' only). Well, not quite the usual. It's time for some guest butchers again. I've invited five great people to each present to us the best thing they've found on the web this week. So, without further ado:

Recommended by Ole Reissmann, Hamburg:
A beautifully designed essay by Frank Chimero about trans-medial storytelling, based on a talk he gave at Harvard University. Thanks to this gem, I've re-discovered «The Great Discontent», an online and print magazine about creative folks and their work.
Designing in the Borderlands (Frank Chimero)

Recommended by Kyra Maya Philipps, London:
An infuriatingly accurate piece on tech's «bro» problem, illustrating how brilliant women are, over and again, being pushed out of tech.
Technology’s Man Problem (The New York Times)

Recommended by Elise Nardin, Zurich:
Glasgow is ugly. Glasgow is rough. Glasgwegians love art. There is not a single exhibition at the Glasgow International Festival I would want to miss out on. My favorite piece? The miniature replica of the International Space Station is mesmerizing.
The Glasgow International Festival Proves its Continuing Relevance (Artsy)

Recommended by Daniel Drepper, New York City:
Great piece explaining why confidence matters so much in a working environment. Both, women and men can learn a lot from this.
The Confidence Gap (The Atlantic)

Recommended by Julian Schmidli, Zurich:
To some it's only a video of a sad drunk. To me, it’s a modern allegory of a timeless tale: The human devotion to tumble on whatever may come. However gracefully.
The Futility of Existence (60 Pages)