Weekly Filet: Best of 2017

Dear everyone,

Now that this year is drawing to a close, what pieces of journalism made a lasting impression? Which ones defined 2017? Which ones stood out from all of this year's 200+ Weekly Filet recommendations?

I've consulted my memory and went back to the archive to find you the 21 best pieces of 2017. There you go:

πŸ‘‰ The Best of 2017

Before you go explore, I have two questions for you. If you feel like answering them, just reply to this email.
a) Is there a piece you discovered through the Weekly Filet this year that made a lasting impression on you?
b) If you could make me change one thing about the Weekly Filet – anything – what would it be?

And with that, I wish you a good start into the new year, see you there.
– David

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