And on the fifth day, they rested

+ COP26, Science vs. Omnicrisis, Shadow art (#366)

And on the fifth day, they rested

1. What we learned when we tried a 4-day workweek

You’ve probably heard of studies that show that a 4-day workweek (or even 15-hour workweek) doesn’t hurt productivity and improves workers’ wellbeing. This isn’t that. This is the story of one team at software company Atlassian that tested the 4-day workweek for two months. They collected data, observed themselves, and wrote up the whole experiment. Obviously not representative — that’s what studies are for — but rich in anecdotes and personal impressions. Read it now.

2. COP26: what’s the point of this year’s UN climate summit in Glasgow?

The big climate summit in Glasgow is still two weeks out, but it’s already hard to evade coverage (which is good — how governments tackle the climate crisis should be front page news). Here’s something to bring you up to speed: A good, short overview of the issues at hand (many of which have been left unresolved since the Paris Agreement — which isn’t so good). Read it now.