Asking questions

An issue about the future (#375)

1. Questions

Here's a simple, yet intriguing exercise: Make a list of questions you find interesting and would like to find answers to. I stumbled upon this list by Patrick Collison, co-founder of fintech giant Stripe. I happen to find some of his questions interesting myself, but that's beside the point. Have a look and maybe you feel inclined to make your own list. I remembered that I had made one a while ago, I think I'll make a new one to kick off the new year.

Questions · Patrick Collison

2. Why New Year's Resolutions Actually Work Astoundingly Well

This might come in handy as encouragement for yourself or as a factoid to share as you celebrate the new year. The key is this: «If you’re looking to jumpstart a new behavior, consider starting by engineering a moment that feels like a break from the past.» (That random moment in time when 2021 turns into 2022 is as simple as it gets in terms of engineering.)

Why New Year’s Resolutions Actually Work Astoundingly Well
Seemingly arbitrary benchmarks can act as springboards for change

3. Predicting the future is possible