Charting a greener future

+ How do you serve a friend in despair? (#429)

An excellent presentation full of interesting charts on the state of climate and decarbonisation. How we got here, what trends we're seeing, how to think about what's next. You don't need to take time for the entire presentation. Everyone should know the charts in part one — that's the big picture. Part three will give you good insights on the path ahead. Part two is for you if you really want to go into the weeds of it.

Presentations — Nat Bullard

2. The Sleeping Beauty Problem

Are you a halfer or a thirder? Watch this video on an unnerving probability problem to pick your side. I'm firmly in the thirder camp, only slightly worried by the fact that in consequence, I also must believe that we live in a simulation.

149,473 People Agree With Me, 58,542 Disagree
For decades, the Sleeping Beauty Problem has divided people between two answers. Head to to start your free 30-day trial, an…

3. ​​How Do You Serve a Friend in Despair?

Both deeply moving and highly instructive: A personal account of trying to help a friend fighting depression. One of many standout quotes: «When you give a depressed person advice on how to get better, there’s a good chance all you are doing is telling the person that you just don’t get it.»
⚠️ Content warning: suicide.

Opinion | How Do You Serve a Friend in Despair?
I learned hard lessons when my oldest friend, Pete, plunged into depression.