Despair is unproductive

+ Well-behaved bubbles and above-average humans (#419)

Thanks for opening this email (almost) every Friday. It's great to have you! As you might guess, I've spent some time on the internet this week, and here's what I think you should see, too...

1. Climate Change from A to Z

Don't be put off by the title that puts to you sleep before you've even arrived at the zzzzzz. It's a great piece, from one of the best climate writers of our time, with beautiful illustrations to match the words. 26 stories – well, 25 if we drop the despair — that tell of our past, present and future with climate change, from Arrhenius to Zero. Just the right mix of realism and optimism.

Climate Change from A to Z
The stories we tell ourselves about the future.

2. Is Russia losing?

«The war was lost long ago. The challenge remains one of getting Putin and his circle to accept this view.» Another highly informative analysis by Lawrence Freedman.

Is Russia losing?
And if it is, when will it concede?

3. ​ Than Average

A fun, insightful, sometimes surprising game to play. You answer one question at a time and all you have to do is gauge whether you're above or below average. For example: Do you experience envy more than average? Afterwards you see what side everyone else has picked. Obviously, in a perfectly representative sample of people who assess themselves correctly, it should always be 50:50. So the real challenge in this game comes after each reveal: Why is this skewed?

Than Average
A small unscientific investigation into how we value and compare ourselves to each other