Free in ways you’re not

+ The most powerful person in the world and how he plans to change the world (#416)

This is David, your diligent curator, and you're reading the Weekly Filet for another carefully curated set of the best things to read, watch and listen to. It's great to have you.

1. Don’t Surround Yourself With Smarter People

I'm sure you've heard the advice (or given it yourself): Don't be the smartest person in the room. Here comes the ultimate refutation of it. It begins with the obvious logical flaw in the advice and the humblebragging nature of it, only to take off to an extensive elaboration on freedom and the difference between infinite vs. finite games. The key insight comes early in the piece: Don’t surround yourself with smarter people. Surround yourself with unpredictable people, people who are «free in ways you’re not». The goal is to have more Huh?!- than Aha!-moments.

Don’t Surround Yourself With Smarter People
There is an idea that I have been guilty of uncritically parroting and promoting in the past: surround yourself with smarter people. Another popular version is never be the smartest guy in the room…

2. The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping

An impressive profile of «the most powerful person in the world» in the form of an eight-part podcast series. The Economist's China correspondent tells the story of Xi Jinping's slow rise to power, the China he's shaping and how he plans to change the world.

The Prince: Searching for Xi Jinping | The Economist
A podcast about China’s leader

3. ​​How Ukrainians Are Protecting Their Centuries-Old Culture From Putin’s Invasion

Stunning multimedia piece on Ukraine's effort to document the ongoing destruction and protect the nation's cultural identity.

Inside the Grassroots Effort to Save Ukraine’s Culture
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has targeted locations and objects of cultural importance. Explore the defense of the nation’s culture and history through maps, photographs, and audio interviews.