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1. Generative AI: autocomplete for everything

Having played around with GPTChat, and having seen dozens of examples of how powerful this latest iteration of artificial intelligence has become, I can't shake the feeling that we're witnessing the beginning of a new era in human-computer-interaction. This joint analysis by an economist and an AI researcher provides a good high-level perspective. Key quote: «Applying the idea of comparative advantage at the level of tasks instead of jobs, we can see that there will always be something for humans to do, even if AI would do those things better.» Strikes me as both fairly depressing, and overly optimistic.

Generative AI: autocomplete for everything
A joint blog post by Noah and roon on the future of work in the age of AI

Btw, I asked GPTChat for a headline for the newsletter.

2. The Riddle of Rest

A good definition is one that immediately feels correct yet makes you pause and ponder. Like this one: «Rest is when you’re not associating your self-worth with what you have to do next.»

The Riddle of Rest - More To That
What does it mean to rest when you’re valued by what you produce?

3. ​​He Sold a Message of Climate Doom. He Has Regrets.

Thought-provoking first-person account of Steven Guilbeault's career path, from radical Greenpeace activist to Canada's climate minister. On the difficulty of staying true to ones core beliefs while changing tactics.

Opinion | He Sold a Message of Climate Doom. He Has Regrets.
For Justin Trudeau’s climate minister, changing tactics has come at a price.