How artificial intelligence imagines the future of...

A weekly exploration of what versions of the future these tools gravitate towards.

I've started a little experiment. A weekly exploration of how artificial intelligence «imagines» the future.

I start with a very simple prompt: the future of...{something}.

I then ask some of the most widespread tools to create a haiku (ChatGPT) and an illustration (Midjourney/DALL-E). Apart from a few formal and aesthetic specifications, I'll leave it entirely to the tools what to make of the prompt.

My hope is that this will elicit some interesting insights into what versions of the future these tools gravitate towards.

The Future of...Energy

Solar wings unfurl
Fusion ignites the new dawn
Boundless power thrives.

The Future of...Food Production

Future crops take flight
Tech and nature blend as one
Feast evolves, sustains.

The Future of...Travel

Jet trails fade away,
Virtual worlds take their place—
Yet, feet still roam Earth.

The Future of...Glaciers

Ice whispers retreat
Melting toward tomorrow's heat
Future incomplete.

The Future of...Migration

Borders shift like sand
Wings of hope on global winds
New homes, old questions.

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The Future of...Work

Remote screens flicker,
AI and humans blend—
Work's new frontier calls.

The Future of...Sports

Future courts glow bright,
AI refs fair and precise—
Human spirit fights.

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The Future of...Borders

Walls crumble, gates rise
Data flows, cultures collide
Boundaries redrawn.

The Future of...Sex

Virtual embrace,
Ethics lag behind tech's pulse,
Love's new interface.

The Future of...Death

Beyond mortal bounds,
Data souls in circuits hum—
End, a new frontier.

The Future of...Media

Data streams converge
Voices lost and found anew
Trust hangs by a thread.

The Future of...Society

In data we trust,
Society evolves, swift,
Harmony or bust.

The Future of...Meat

Lab-grown dreams arise,
Nature's bounty redefined,
Future feasts, reprise.

The Future of...Advertising

In pixels, they weave,
Voices echo in data's stream,
Futures bought and dreamed.

The Future of...Forests

Green giants whisper,
In tomorrow's light, they thrive,
Nature's breath deeper.

The Future of...Africa

Africa awakes,
Tomorrow's dreams take root, bloom,
Hope dances on winds.

The Future of...Religion

In digital dawn,
Faiths merge under starlit skies,
Hope's code, ever strong.

The Future of...the future

In time's vast expanse,
Tomorrow's seeds sprout unknown
Futures yet to dance.