How many micromorts are you comfortable with?

+ New World of War, Boris, Lithium (#381)

Welcome, curious minds! I've spent the entire week on the internet so you don't have to. Here's what I found.

1. We Need A Standard Unit Of Measure For Risk

Covid has all turned us into constant risk managers. This isn't completely new. Even before the pandemic, life came with its risks. Now, the risk of dying from any particular cause is usually (thankfully!) very small. And here's a problem: We're not good at understanding very small probabilities. In this essay, the author argues in favour of an easy-to-grasp baseline to which we can compare any risk — an make decisions accordingly. The «micromort» is a 1 in a million risk of dying, which is about what you expose yourself to on a two-hour highway drive.

We Need A Standard Unit Of Measure For Risk
More than three decades ago a Stanford professor proposed a uniform way of expressing your odds of dying from a specific cause: the micromort. It’s time it went mainstream.

2. Adapting to the New World of War

An insightful conversation with transnational crime expert Mark Galeotti on the Intelligence Squared podcast. On how traditional war is becoming too expensive and too unpopular, and the new era of permanent low-level conflict, often unnoticed, undeclared and unending.

Adapting to the New World of War, with Mark Galeotti - Intelligence Squared

3. ​​‘The First Thing You Need to Know About Boris Johnson Is He’s a Liar’

Hilarious and pointed. Boris Johnson, explained by comedian Tom Walker. (special gift link to make sure you don't hit the paywall)

Opinion | ‘The First Thing You Need to Know About Boris Johnson Is He’s a Liar’
To help make sense of the scandal surrounding Britain’s prime minister, we enlisted the help of satirical newscaster, Jonathan Pie.

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