How to liberate cities from cars

+ Facebook Files, Writing against grief, Drone Photo Awards (#363)

How to liberate cities from cars

1. The Liberation of Paris From Cars Is Working

When we think of bike-friendly cities, it’s usually Copenhagen or Amsterdam at the top of our minds. Paris is eager to join the club and undergoing a remarkable transformation lately. This interview with the man overseeing the transformation makes one thing clear: A city dominated by cars is a choice, and there is no reason it cannot be reversed. «Public space is rare, precious, and very useful. It belongs to everyone and it can’t be captured by one unique usage, which is the automobile.» Read it now.

2. The Facebook Files

In a way, Facebook with its 3 billion users has simply become a reflection of the worst in humanity. Then again, as this podcast series based on a leak of internal documents shows, even when its executives know how to address certain issues, they often choose not to. Every episode is worth listening to, but if you only have time for one episode, try #3: How Facebook is being used as a platform for human trafficking and how it makes money along the way. Start listening now. (There might be a popup telling you that you need to subscribe, but you can just close it. Alternatively, you can listen to the podcast on Spotify).