Look for the helpers

+ Electric Planes, Getting Cars out of Cities, Giving Feedback on the Earth Simulation (#391)

Two quick notes before we get to this week's recommendations (plus a record-tying 7 instant-gratification links at the bottom).

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1. A Listener to the Rescue

I've recommended the BBC's Ukrainecast before, and I still haven't missed a single episode since Russia's invasion began. It has become my daily routine for keeping up with the war. Usually, as with all stories and news out of Ukraine, their episodes are grim, making it hard not to despair and lose faith in humanity. But then, this Monday, there was something different: a story of selflessness and compassion. Reminded me of a Fred Rogers quote I learned from my friend Christian: «Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.»

BBC News - Ukrainecast, A Listener to the Rescue
Travelling 2000 miles from Poland to the UK.

2. Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think

I had no idea electric planes are within reach. Not the flying taxi type of thing, but actual airplanes that will carry dozens or hundreds of passengers. For now, only short-distance routes can be electrified — but those are especially carbon-intensive, and they make up about half of all routes operated worldwide (Good to keep in mind, though, that for a lot of short-distance flights, there already is an electric alternative. It's called trains.)

Electric Planes Are Coming Sooner Than You Think
Leading airlines like United and EasyJet are making plans, with the first U.S. commercial routes slated for 2026.

3. ​​Overwhelm and Trauma in Journalism and Society

I have recently written about the eminently important task of bearing witness in the war in Ukraine. Ed Yong is taking it upon himself to bear witness in a different context. In fact, I cannot think of anyone who has shouldered more burden to bear witness to the trauma and grief the pandemic has inflicted, and continues to inflict. On the Trauma Stewardship Institute's podcast, he speaks candidly about what this work is doing to him, and what keeps him going.

Ed Yong: Overwhelm and Trauma in Journalism and Society - The Trauma Stewardship Institute
Join Laura and Pulitzer Prize-winning science journalist Ed Yong as they talk about bearing witness to complex societal issues and what he does to keep going.