Low bar, surprisingly cleared

+ Despair is a luxury, phone calls are torture (#417)

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1. An enormously important result for the future of American democracy

«It's much more likely the 2024 election will be free and fair» is a ridiculously low bar for celebrations after the midterm elections in the USA, but I guess we'll take it. A trenchant short analysis of the (preliminary and incomplete!) results.

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@maxberger: I think this election result feels so surprising and buoying because it’s one of the first times in my adult life that Republicans seem to have paid a significant electoral cost for their extremism. If M...…

2. Why climate despair is a luxury

A couple of weeks ago, I shared a listicle by Rebecca Solnit, with advice on how not to lose hope. In this new essay, she specifically addresses the feeling of despair, and why we must not give in to it. She describes despair as an «enemy of hope», a «false certainty about what is going to happen that excuses inaction». My favourite bit of the entire essay: «Despair can be true as an emotion, but false as an analysis.»

Rebecca Solnit: Why climate despair is a luxury
Those facing flood and fire can’t afford to lose hope. Neither should we.

3. The First Minute of Every Phone Call Is Torture Now

Very relatable. As a passionate despiser of phone calls, I'd argue you can improve this article's title by removing the last word and the first four.

The First Minute of Every Phone Call Is Torture Now
But at least you have something to talk about.