Supply and Demand, and Demand, and Demand

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Supply and Demand, and Demand, and Demand

1. How Our Online Shopping Obsession Choked the Supply Chain

You click a button, and a couple days later, almost anything you desire shows up at your doorstep. Behind the scenes, a complex web of worldwide interconnections is making it possible — or, currently, struggling to do so. In a timely new book, Christopher Mims offers a glimpse into the supply chain, and why the system is beyond its built capacity and ability to expand. The book is an easy read and definitely worth your time, but if you just like the gist of it, this interview is insightful, too.

How Our Online Shopping Obsession Choked the Supply Chain
Author Christopher Mims on his new book covering the supply chain, Americans historic shopping spree, and how close we are to robots delivering our sneakers.

2. Exploit or explore?

Be it for creative work or for your career: It's worth knowing the concept of exploitation vs. exploration. There’s a never-ending tension between making the most of what you already know, and exploring new ideas. Liked this quote: «Periods of exploration can be like winter farming; nothing is visibly growing, but a subterranean process is at work and will in time yield a bounty.»

Explore or exploit? - Austin Kleon
Thinking about the unique tension between using what you know and discovering what you don’t know.

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