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The anniversary issue (#300)

1. 68 Bits of Unsolicited Advice

Advice accepted. Some really great bits, both for your personal and professional selves. Read it now.

2. How Long Will a Vaccine Really Take?

Ever since it became apparent that Covid-19 will be major threat, we keep hearing that only a vaccine will put a definitive end to it. An excellent piece that explains, essentially in one graphic, what an enormous feat it will be to shorten the timeline of coming up with a vaccine against this coronavirus – so we have it earlier than what would typically be 2036 (yes, not a typo). Read it now.

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3. Why the Coronavirus Is So Confusing

It’s probably quite telling that, a couple months into this crisis, the article that sums it up best is one that reminds us that there is so much we don’t know. «We crave simple narratives, but the pandemic offers none.» Thus, highly recommended: A guide to making sense of a problem that is now too big for any one person to fully comprehend. Read it now.

4. The world is on lockdown. So where are all the carbon emissions coming from?

The current lockdown is also a reminder that people changing their personal habits in order to slow climate change will never be enough. Not even close. Read it now.

5. A Scalable Approach to Reducing Gender Bias in Google Translate

Up until recently, the world’s most used translation engine reproduced and reinforced gender bias. «My friend is a doctor» doesn’t specify gender, but when translating to German or Spanish, Google turned the doctor into a man. No more. Here’s how they taught their algorithm to avoid gendered translations. Read it now.

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