The crisis we need to fix before the climate crisis

+ Gazing billions of years into past, End-of-history illusion (#364)

The crisis we need to fix before the climate crisis

1. Our constitutional crisis is already here

A chilling essay. With every major point it makes, you feel inclined to dismiss it as alarmist — only to realise it’s argued too convincingly. The gist: Trump will run again in 2024. The groundwork for him to take power again, no matter what, is being laid. And time is running out to take measures to ensure a fair election. «The destruction of democracy might not come until November 2024, but critical steps in that direction are happening now. […] A Trump victory is likely to mean at least the temporary suspension of American democracy as we have known it.» Read it now.

2. Marina Abramović: ‘I think about dying every day’

Twice in my life, I have walked into a performance by Marina Abramović, both times entirely by accident. Both are memories I’ll never forget. One thing I remember vividly is how completely ageless she appeared. Turns out, though, that she does have an age. In light of her 75th birthday, she reflects on life and death. Favourite quote: «If you have a gift, you have to handle it carefully. The gift isn’t given to you personally, it’s given to you to give to society.» Read on.