The Ship That Became a Bomb

+ Walking 21000 miles, Language quiz, How to write well (#365)

The Ship That Became a Bomb

1. The Ship That Became a Bomb

A huge oil tanker off the coast of Yemen, stranded years ago, surrounded by sea mines. Anytime soon, it will start leaking, catch fire, explode, or all of the above. Thousands of lives are in danger, an environmental disaster is bound to happen. Nobody is there to stop it. Read it now.

2. Reexamining Humanity: The Correspondent Walking the World

An interesting conversation with Paul Salopek, a reporter who is putting the oooooooo in slow journalism. He is on a 21’000-mile walk, from Ethiopia to Patagonia. After being grounded in the Himalayas due to the pandemic (some of you might remember), he is now in Shanghai (with still a couple of miles to go). I liked how he talks about «walking through languages». Start listening now.