This has been fine, for ten years

+ Fake names, burner phones, and subtitles everywhere (#427)

I'm currently fighting a cold, so without further ado: This is what I think you should see and read this week.

1. The Meme That Defined a Decade

An homage to what might very well be the quintessential meme of our time, a «work of near-endless interpretability». I learned: «This is fine» is now ten years old, the dog has an official name, and there's an updated, less cynical version of the cartoon.

The Meme That Defined a Decade
Over the past 10 years, the “This Is Fine” dog has evolved from a joke into an indictment.

2. Data Free Disney

All you need is some fake names, a burner phone, face paint and the willingness to go without all the manufactured conveniences. A guide to visiting Disneyland without getting tracked.

Data Free Disney - Public Books
Each day, 50,000 people enter Disney’s theme parks, along with their phones, purchases, locations, and photos. What happens to the data?

3. ​​Why we all need subtitles now

Why do we have more and more trouble understanding movie dialogues without subtitles? The surprising answer: improvements in technology (well, this, and Christopher Nolan).

Why we all need subtitles now
It’s not you — the dialogue in TV and movies has gotten harder to hear.Subscribe and turn on notifications 🔔 so you don’t miss any videos: