Welcome to the metaverse before it was uncool

Welcome to the metaverse before it was uncool

1. The Metaverse: What It Is, Where to Find it, Who Will Build It

The metaverse. On the one hand, 🙄, on the other: I do think it’s worth taking a closer look and trying to wrap one’s head around the idea and its implications. We need more people with good intentions to get excited about it. Because Mark Zuckerberg is. And if the metaverse becomes a reality, I definitely don’t want him to be its chief architect and overlord. So…what exactly is the metaverse? I’ve sifted through the good old web to find a good primer, one that’s neither too technical nor too superficial. I think I found a great one, by tech investor Matthew Ball (from early 2020, so none of the current hype is included). Read it now.

2. What Really Happens When You Return an Online Purchase

Imagine buying clothes online worked like this: You order some stuff, you keep what you like, and throw away the rest. Now, obviously, that would be wasteful. The thing is: In reality, the process is often even more wasteful. Read on.

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