What's your climate shadow?

+ How many friends? Town of wood. Tiny humans. (#367)

What's your climate shadow?

1. Forget your carbon footprint. Let's talk about your climate shadow.

The carbon footprint is a flawed concept. Not only because BP popularised it to shift blame to individuals. It also limits itself to what can conveniently be measured (how much energy you use, what you eat, how much you fly,…). If we’re interested in an individual’s impact on the climate crisis, we’d want something more sophisticated. That’s why I like the idea of the «climate shadow». It «helps each of us visualize how the sum of our life’s choices influence the climate emergency». It includes how you vote. Where you work. How you use your influence on others. Anything that has an impact, good or bad. It might not be easy to measure, but that’s not the point. Read more.

2. How many friends do I need?

A new podcast by TED, in which illustrator and data journalist Mona Chalabi explores the simple, complex question: What is normal? This episode is about friendships and the difficulty of keeping them as context changes. A nice mix of personal story and data-driven insights. Start listening now.